June 13, 2024

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News, the situation in Gaza and more

News, the situation in Gaza and more

EU foreign policy chief Joseph Borrell rang a bell to signal the start of a meeting of EU foreign and development ministers to discuss humanitarian aspects and reconstruction in Gaza at the European Council building in Brussels, Belgium, on May 7. (Credit: Virginia Mayo/AP)

EU foreign policy chief Joseph Borrell on Tuesday joined growing criticism of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu for ignoring international demands against the attack on Rafah, which has become a new focal point in the seven-month war.

Although Hamas accepted a draft cease-fire agreement, Netanyahu vowed to press ahead with an assault on the city. Israeli forces have taken control of the Palestinian side of the Rafah Crossing, the main entry point for aid to Gaza on the Egyptian border.

The operation falls short of Netanyahu’s threatened large-scale operation in Rafah, but Borrell described it as a ground attack.

“Despite all requests from the international community (US, EU member states), the ground offensive against Rafa has resumed, and Netanyahu is asking not to attack Rafa,” said the EU’s High Representative for Foreign Affairs. and security policy. He told a briefing on Tuesday.

“Despite these warnings and these demands, the attack started last night. I fear it will again cause many victims, civilian victims, whatever they say. There are 600,000 children in Gaza. They are forced to return to the so-called “safe”. Zones’: In Gaza There are no safe zones.”

Earlier on Tuesday, the Norwegian Refugee Council’s (NRC) head of operations in Gaza, Suze van Meegen, made similar comments to CNN: “It’s not only safe to go anywhere, but a lot of people don’t have a way to get there. One.”

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Borrell described the lack of agreement on a ceasefire as “sad news”: “Hamas accepted, Israel rejected.”