July 15, 2024

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Three friends were tortured and beheaded


Caracas.- A case Three women were murdered Ecuador is stunned. Three women were murdered and buried in the Esmeraldas River, located in the city of Quinte. The victims were identified as Nayeli Tapia, Yuliana Macias and Denis Reyna. All three died with their throats slit. They were last seen alive on the beach with some friends.

Some fishermen were fishing on the river bank when they noticed a dog sniffing the ground. They informed the authorities and Quinte police reached the spot. When officers searched the area, they found 3 bodies with their hands tied and their mouths gagged.

According to the police report, There was evidence of ill-treatment and torture of women between the ages of 19 and 23.

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The police believe that the youth They were killed elsewhere Later on They were transferred by boat to EsmeraldasThe tributary is one kilometer away from the highway as it is difficult for vehicles to pass.

Diego Veleztegui, District Commander of the Quinte Police, commented that the victims. They wore light clothing and bathing suits.

Police officials are continuing to investigate. First, a phone was found where the victims were buried. The vehicle that took them to Quinte has already been identified.

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Missing for three days

Nayeli, Yuliana and Denise On April 4, the trio went missing with some friends for the beach in Santo Domingo de las Chachilas. however, They were found dead 84 kilometers from where they were last seen.

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Tapia is 22 years old and a model. Reina, 19, studied agriculture at Quevedo State Technical University. Macias was a singer and part of a music group.

Relatives of the murdered girls Demands justice and explanation of the case from the police authorities. The state attorney general’s office said it had activated an investigative protocol for femicides and other violent deaths of women and girls to find those responsible for the three crimes.

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