June 24, 2024

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Venezuela Says Who Started Deadly Fire at Ciudad Juárez Center


Caracas.- A Venezuelan immigrant A person who was in a fire at a migration center City of JuarezThis happened on March 27, he said Univision News The events of that night preceding that tragic event 40 migrants were killed.

Edward de Jesus Caraballo Lopez He says that in the afternoon some Guatemalan settlers asked the guards for drinking water. When their demands went unanswered, they started setting fire to the mats with a lighter bought from a guard, who also provided them with cigarettes and marijuana.

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“The fire broke out around 9:00 p.m. They were talking about it for a while. I told them: ‘Brother, I am going to leave now. Don’t fall into that madness. But they didn’t listen. I tried to take the Tinderbox from them and they rebelled against me,” Caraballo said Univision News.

Venezuela was arrested on the afternoon of March 27. It was on the outskirts of the center Two million childrenCaraballo’s wife managed the immigrant’s release as they all received permission to stay in Mexico.

“I started shouting at my family, I called the police, I didn’t care that I was left in front of everyone as a rumor. He said (to the guards): ‘Brother, they’re going to turn it on, they’re going to turn it on.’ They didn’t listen to me,” Caraballo continues.

He blamed Venezuela

Jason Daniel Gadari, another Venezuelan immigrant, was arrested on March 30 for allegedly starting the fire. However, Caraballo assures that his countryman did not participate and that everyone was responsible for the fire passed away “They put him in jail and he wasn’t in it,” questions Caraballo.

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As he notes, all the mats quickly caught fire after a Guatemalan lit them with a lighter; Gadari only moved a few cushions before hiding a security camera and the guards wouldn’t see the discussions between the inmates.

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“Jason never caught a Tinderbox, nothing (…) he never said he wanted to set it on fire”, Caraballo assures.

Both Caraballo and Catari were transferred to IMSS Zone 35 General Hospital that night due to smoke inhalation and the condition of their lungs.

Caraballo survived the fire He was transferred to the hospital El Paso, Texas, To cure the effects of smoke inhalation on the lungs. His wife Viangly baby She left for America on April 1 with her three children.

“He (Gedari) was lying down and the prosecutor’s office came and showed him a piece of paper and said he was under arrest (…) He replied: ‘Don’t handcuff me, I’m not in jail.’ They told him to handcuff him for security reasons and from there they took him away,” Venezuela said.

Apart from Jayson Katari, four others were arrested. Three are immigration agents and one is a security guard. All five will be tried as accomplices for crimes such as murder and wounding.

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