December 10, 2023

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They found the bodies of three singers on the banks of a river in Ecuador

The victims were identified as Nayeli Tapia, Denis Reyna and Yuliana Macias.

Courtesy | The young women had stab wounds.

The bodies of three young singers were found on the banks of the Esmeraldas River in Quito, Ecuador.

Thanks to some fishermen working in the area where the bodies were found.

This was said by General Fausto Bueno, who pointed out that they had found one of them first. The fishermen decided to dig, and thus managed to find two other bodies of young singers.

The exact location was in the city of Quito, Ecuador, on the banks of the Esmeraldas River near Quinte.

After finding the three bodies, the fishermen decided to alert the National Police who went to the spot for their respective verification and investigation.

The victims were identified as Nayeli Tapia, Denis Reyna and Yuliana Macias, who were members of a music group.

He was hired by them for a presentation and then his whereabouts were unknown.

So, they disappeared from the city of Santo Domingo de las Chachilas last Tuesday.

General Bueno pointed out that the young women had stab wounds.

Additionally, through social networks, it was pointed out that the trio were wearing beachwear when they were found.

For her part, the lawyer in the case, Patrice Pilar, assured that the act of violence with the three young singers is being investigated.

Pilar said they shifted the bodies of the three young singers to the city’s forensic center.

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