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They identified the toys that allegedly kidnapped Australian girl Cleo Smith.


4 November 2021 16:42 GMT

Authorities filed several charges against Terence Darrell Kelly on Thursday.

Australian Police The indictment has been filed Against the township of Cornwall, the indictment was filed Abducted Cleo Smith, 4, kept her at home for 18 days. Pick up ABC News.

The person was identified Terence Darrell Kelly, 36 years old. Today Wednesday he was arrested in a car, a short distance from his home, when officers entered the home They found out “Live and heal” the little girl who went missing on the morning of October 16 from the camp where she spent the night with her parents.

This Thursday, defendant Carnarvon appeared in Magistrates’ Court and did not seek bail; There is no need to testify in court. During interrogation, the suspect delayed identifying his name and only nodded that he understood the charge, which included the crime of forcibly abducting a minor under the age of 16. He was remanded in custody until December 6.

For their part, the local media Suggest Accused that The kidnapper Of Cleo Bratz is used to collect toys And appeared in various photos and videos on social media wearing a cartoon T-shirt. In one picture you can see Kelly holding two toys and the other shows a room full of toys.

An employee of Carnarvon Toyworld, a local toy store, said the store had sold several toys to the man over the years and had wrapped them as gifts.

Meanwhile, Sergeant Major Cameron Plane of the Western Australian Police explained that the girl was playing in the bedroom of Kelly’s house. “The lights were on She played with toys, I think that’s what I have to say. This is a matter that still needs to go to court. Some of the features we have seen will be the source. “Authorities declined to comment on whether toys were found inside the home.

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