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Suspected killer of a World War I veteran captured in New York 45 years later


5 November 2021 01:06 GMT

George Clarence Seeds disappeared after leaving his home on December 10, 1976. Since then, police have begun their search, but unfortunately his whereabouts have remained a mystery for decades.

A 74-year-old man was indicted by the New York Supreme Court on Wednesday for killing an 81-year-old World War I veteran in a 45-year-old unresolved case. Release Queens County Attorney’s Office.

George Clarence Seeds He went missing on December 10, 1976, after being last seen leaving his home in the New York neighborhood of Queens, Jamaica. Since then, police have begun their search, but unfortunately his whereabouts have remained a mystery for decades.

However, in March 2019 the authorities found out A human hip and torso Lying under a concrete slab in the backyard of a house in Queens. The body was disfigured in the neck, shoulders and hips. Forensic examination of the remains allowed the DNA profile to be obtained in the hope of locating the victim’s family member, but local and state databases They did not throw matchesS.

Earlier this year, a private laboratory and the FBI joined in the task of identifying the remains, and experts were able to develop it in February. Complete Inheritance Profile Thanks for the advanced genetic testing. Eventually, their joint efforts paid off: detectives were able to locate the victim’s family and obtain DNA samples from Mr. Seeds confirmed that.

“They will never forget, never give up”

A thorough investigation, which included interviews, a thorough search of records and various agencies in the five states, uncovered key evidence linking an identified person. Martin Motta. The man was arrested, brought to justice and prosecuted on November 3, charged with second-degree murder. He is due to return to court this Friday and faces up to 25 years in prison if convicted.

The woman, who went missing 21 years ago, is a woman who was thought by police to be dead

“This indictment is an example of how the police and prosecutors work together to bring alleged perpetrators to justice. Regardless of how much time has passed Or how many obstacles are coming our way, ”said Melinda Godz, Queens County District Attorney.

Meanwhile, New York Police Commissioner Dermot Shia, who investigates murder gangs, forensic units and other crimes, said “never forget and never give up”. “No matter how much time has passed, this case shows that our police officers and staff are in the Queens District Attorney’s Office. Execute lasting commitment, For decades, to establish justice for the victims and their families, “he reiterated.

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