May 23, 2024

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The jeweler is investigating whether former Chavez ministers helped clear more than $ 5 million

The former PDVSA director received $ 30 million in bribes from the Chavez-Jewelry network of former deputy ministers.

Habib Ariel, a 50 – year – old Ariel courier, is a Venezuelan jeweler who is under investigation in Andorra for allegedly helping the late President Hugo Chavez’s ex – ministers and businessmen to embezzle $ 5.5 million.

Officers from Uifand’s financial intelligence unit discovered an indescribable cash flow in the account managed by Coryat Banca Privada d’Andorra and it appeared in the name of a company based on the tax haven of British virgins on the islands. .

In 2011, an investigation revealed that the Cory sold 250 Rolex (gold and steel), 250 watches of the Cartier, Sobard and Frequet brands to Venezuelan businessman Diego Salazar for more than $ 5.5 million to former Deputy Minister of Energy and Petroleum Nervis Villalobos. Already a relative of former Petroleum Minister Rafael Ramirez Javier Alvarado, Former Deputy Minister of Energy and Petroleum.

Former Savista leaders are under investigation for hiding more than $ 2,000 million from the PDVSA in the Banca Privada d’Andorra.

Villalobos, Alvarado and Salazar justified their millionaire income to Andorran Bank as a fee for business consulting work. However, the researchers pointed out that these suggestions never materialized.

Coriat, one of the owners of luxury jewelry Taro San Ignacio in Caracas, received money from customers with deposits opened in the name of his instrument company Coulson Limited in Tortola, the capital of the British Virgin Islands. The September 2020 Uifand newspaper is accessible Country From Spain.

Uifand investigators believe the million-dollar sale helped clear money from former Chavista officials. They emphasize that the invoice does not refer to watches or certificates of authenticity.

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They also found that $ 375,580 had been transferred from Tradekip Services and Marine Inc. to a Venezuelan jewelry store through a Bank of America bank account linked to Roberto Enrique Rincon, who was detained in the United States in 2015 for money laundering from PDVSA.

Before the bank intervened in 2015, Coryat had already stopped using its account, and even in 2014 it closed due to a lack of BPA activity.

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