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Ethiopia is on the brink of a full-scale war and insurgents are closing the capital, a year after the conflict began.


5 November 2021 16:57 GMT

Authorities declared a state of emergency across the country and ordered residents of Addis Ababa to be ready to protect their homes.

This Wednesday marks one year since the beginning of the armed conflict in Ethiopia, which is still a long way off. Clashes between forces and government forces in the Dikre region intensified this week as the rebels advanced towards the country’s capital.


Ethiopian Cabinet Announced A six-month state of emergency has been declared across the country this Tuesday in response to insurgent threats to attack the capital.

This document prohibits the dissemination of any kind of speech contrary to the authority and provides for the harassment of those who provide financial or moral assistance to rebel groups. In addition, It is forbidden to carry weapons or hold demonstrations without permission, As well as roaming urban areas without documents or interfering with important production processes.

The advance of the rebels towards the capital

The state of emergency was declared after the separatist Tigre People’s Liberation Front (FLPT) announced the capture of two towns in the Amhara region of Tessi and Kombolsa. 380 km Of Addis Ababa. This Friday, the Digroi TV channel controlled by the Tigre People’s Liberation Front announced that the rebels, with the support of the Oromo Liberation Front, had captured the city of Sheva Rabbit. 220 km From the capital.

In the wake of this progress, the organisation’s spokesman Kedachu Reda said its aim was to overthrow the federal government and bring about national dialogue under the new interim cabinet. BBC Reports The rebels want to end the siege of the Tigre region, which needs humanitarian assistance. According to the UN, famine threatens 400,000 people there.

Meanwhile, Oromo Liberation Front spokesman Oda Darby said, Announced Insurgents in Ethiopia this Thursday Form a political alliance, United forces of Ethiopian federalists against Prime Minister Abi Ahmed, who won the Nobel Peace Prize in 2019 for ending the war with Eritrea. He said the union would include at least nine groups that have clashed with the government in recent times, including the Tigre People’s Liberation Front, the Afar United Democratic Revolutionary Front and the Gampola People’s Liberation Movement.

However, Ethiopia’s Attorney General, Gideon Demotivos, rejected the alliance. “For advertising“, Pick up Reuters.

What happens now?

Amid the rebels’ approach to the capital, authorities ordered residents of Addis Ababa Get ready to protect your homes. State media reported on Friday that the army had called for ex-servicemen to return to their ranks to fight the rebels.

In turn, Abi promised this Wednesday. “They will bury their enemy in their blood and bones“They will lead Ethiopia to” glory. “

Meanwhile, Tsadkan Gebretensae, senior commander of the Tigre forces, said The end of the war is near He further promised that “they will bring together all interested parties and create a platform to discuss the future of the country”.

Devotros Highmarium, senior member of the Amhara National Movement, Announced He told the BBC there were two ways to see what would happen in the country in the future. “The FLPT was defeated and the Ethiopian central government was saved Nationwide Civil War“, He said.

  • In November 2020, Ethiopian and Eritrean troops They occupied The Tigray region faced stiff opposition from the FLPT until June They withdrew Of the area
  • Armed conflict Leave Thousands died and 5 million people needed help

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