May 23, 2024

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Eight Venezuelan women have been killed in a landslide in Colombia

Many entered the country irregularly, had no papers and were known by nicknames.

Respect Week | Authorities are still searching for the victims

The National Division for Disaster Risk Management (Ungrd) confirmed an increase in disasters in the municipality of Mallama in Narino, Colombia, where a landslide on November 2 blocked the road connecting Pasto to Dumago, especially in the village of San Miguel. This is what Semana reported.

At this time, 17 people have died, eight have been injured, seven of them have already been discharged, and one is still being held at a health center, the agency said; Meanwhile, no further disappearances have been reported.

This number is increasing after the previous balance of the risk management unit, while search and rescue operations were carried out for those trapped in the middle of the rubble.

Of the dead, eight women have been identified, said Jader Gaviria, director of Ungrd in “Venezuela”, Narino.

However, it is worrying that six of these women have no direct relatives in the area, no one has the authority to claim the bodies, and the other two have not been able to relocate due to lack of financial resources. .

“We want to take her to Mikao, where she has two daughters and several relatives. They also gave me a Power of Attorney to take her two friends to that city, but we do not have the financial resources for this trip,” he explained. According to the El Colombian newspaper, one of the victims was Omar Andres Duarte, the husband of Cilim Castillo.

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“They say the government will help us; However, they asked us for some information, but no one has yet told us what procedure to follow, “he added, adding that it would cost up to $ 5 million pesos to move these bodies.

The newspaper said that some of these foreign victims came to the country illegally and that there was no record of them in their workplaces and that they were known by nicknames, which greatly hindered contact with their families.

“One of the people who was hospitalized here in Bosto died this morning, so the death toll in this emergency in Mallama municipality has now risen to 17,” Jader Gavria said.

The company announced the implementation of “food and non-food emergency humanitarian assistance, livelihood grants and support for the construction of retaining walls” to support the affected community, in addition, they added. Rental grants and funerals to help the families of the victims.

In connection with the damage to the infrastructure, the unit said two houses were destroyed, three were in danger and one hotel in the area was in danger of collapsing.

For its part, it was reported that the road from Mallama to Dumaco was limited to one lane, with the Invis Group and Army Army engineers working in the area with five teams of yellow machines.

In the aftermath of the tragedy, President Evan Duke ordered the establishment of an integrated command post to disclose search and rescue operations and to prevent and dispose of waste, which was executed by Interior Minister Daniel Palacios. Director of Ungrd, Eduardo José González.

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“We are sorry for the inconvenience caused to Mallama, who left us during this heavy rainy season. From the first moment, following the instructions of the President, we activated the members of the USAR Search and Rescue Team and assisted the trapped people in the rescue and rescue process, ”said Gonzalez. .

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