June 14, 2024

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Duke says he did not negotiate with the bandits: Ottoniel must be deported

Evan Duke Ottoniel
Photo: EFE / Presidency of Colombia

The President of Colombia, Ivan Duque, on Thursday promised that his government would “not negotiate with the bandits,” Cairo del Golfo’s president, Tiro Antonio Suarez. Ottoniel, Was caught in a military operation and must be extradited to the United States where he is wanted for drug trafficking.

“And those robbers, nicknamed like Ottoniel, have come out that they do not like him. Do not be mistaken! He has come out to say that he is negotiating with the government, do not err, because this government has not negotiated with the bandits,” Duke told reporters before delivering.

Fort Lollipop is considered the heart of the Colombian Army: the Lancers School, the Army Parachuting School, the Special Forces School, the Tactical Training School, the Air Attack School, the Sniper School, and the Support and Services Battalion. Military Police Division No.5 and several Regiments.

Duque reiterated that his alias Otoniel was captured on October 23 in the countryside of Negogli by the Antioquia Department, where he was rounded up for several months.

Even in that attack, Duke said police officer Edwin Guillermo Blanco was killed.

When he appeared before the Special Powers for Peace (JEP), Ottoniel said last week that, according to local media, he had transformed himself into a group of soldiers in order to value his life.

The Colombian ruler He said Ottoniel’s way forward was deportation to the United States, and that he would return to Colombia to return to justice for “crimes against humanity” after serving his sentence for drug trafficking.

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Dangerous culprit

The United States is seeking the deportation of a criminal leader who is facing trial in New York and Florida courts on drug trafficking charges.

There are 122 arrest warrants against Usuka in Colombia, and six sentences, including two prison sentences between 40 and 50 years, for aggravated murder, murder of a protected person, enforced disappearance, forced deportation and illegal recruitment of minors.

“Then he should not come to show himself now as a gentle little lamb; Whoever kills community leaders, who kills children, who employs children, who abuses minors, then what applies to that scoundrel is the deportation of that insect, the execution of the sentence, here we are still waiting for him so he can come and answer after the justice system in Colombia, “he said. Said.

He stressed that since the first day of his government the authorities have been fighting with the Gulf clan, the country’s main criminal gang of paramilitary descent.

We do not negotiate peace with drug traffickers, the drug traffickers submit here. Drug traffickers do not negotiate, you confront drug traffickers, confront them and deport them, and imprison them, ”Duke concluded.

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