July 18, 2024

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El Chapo’s son’s defense seeks medical help for depression and anxiety

El Chapo’s son’s defense seeks medical help for depression and anxiety

“His special diet should be respected,” pointed out the lawyer.

Ovidio Guzmán López, alias ‘El Ratón’, suffers from anxiety and depression and needs special medication, the lawyer of Alberto Díaz Mendieta, son of ‘El Chapo’, told local reporters after his client was released from prison.

Guzmán’s legal defense requested special medical attention for him at the El Altiplano prison in the Mexican municipality of Almoloya de Juárez.

“He should be given his food and medicine. The judge ordered him to receive medical treatment,” Diaz Mendieta announced.

The lawyer clarified that the son of “El Chapo” underwent gastrointestinal surgery, although when asked to specify the date of the surgical intervention he said “he has no information”, promising that “they will treat him well medically”. “

Speaking about the charges facing Guzmán, the lawyer pointed out that they are still waiting for the proper documents from the US government, which insisted on his extradition and his request led to the arrest of “El Rodon” in Sinaloa this Thursday.

The arrested is the head of the Sinaloa cartel, which is in conflict with the group led by Ismail ‘El Mayo’ Zambada.

“You cannot present facts and allegations until the government presents them [estadounidense] formal request”, he clarified, pointing out that at this time “it is not yet possible to talk about a strategy”. [de defensa] Or something.”

“The facts they report now don’t necessarily align with those who might eventually come up with them,” he added.

Since September 2019, the United States has submitted a request to the Mexican Ministry of Foreign Affairs requesting the temporary detention of Guzmán for drug offenses.

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Pending the development of this process, “El Chapo’s” son Florent was arrested for crimes committed in delicto, although there are open investigations for crimes against health and possession of firearms.

César Gutiérrez Priego, an expert in criminal, military and national security law, points out that the fight against drugs must begin by seizing the resources belonging to drug traffickers operating in Mexico.

“Organized crime groups in Mexico, especially the drug cartels, are very powerful. They have a very large economic capacity, they have a daily flow of cash, they have the ability to have weapons equal to the capabilities of the armed forces in the country, and they outnumber the majority of state police officers.” , commented to RT.

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