July 22, 2024

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“Biden advisers want to agree with Maduro”

“Biden advisers want to agree with Maduro”
Maria Elvira Salazar

“Unfortunately, President Joe Biden’s advisers are eager to reconcile with Maduro and Diaz Canal.” This was stated by Maria Elvira Salazar, a member of the US House of Representatives from Florida on Monday.

“There is empirical evidence. Within 24 hours the White House adviser, Mr. Juan Gonzalez boarded a private plane. He is going to talk to Maduro about how the US can buy crude oil from him. He said American Congresswoman.

Maria Elvira Salazar

He added: “We know Maduro cannot sell anything to the United States because of incompetence, corruption and lack of investment in PDVSA.”

Based on this, Salazar felt that the conversations between US officials and Nicolas Maduro showed different motives.

“The only thing the gesture shows us is that they have to agree again with dictator Maduro, which is the best opportunity to do this with the excuse to buy oil from him,” said Maria Elvira Salazar.

He said it was “impossible” to make a deal with a government not approved by the White House.

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