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Video: Diaz-Connell participates in the “anti-imperialist” movement in the center of Havana


14 November 2021 20:03 GMT

Organizers of the event confirm that the initiative seeks to express support for “all liberation struggles” as well as the rejection of sanctions imposed by the United States.

Cuban President Miguel Diaz-Canel Bermuds “attended an event this Sunday with members of various groups and leaders of civil society”Anti-imperialist“In the center of Havana. This initiative was spread in the name of social networks”Red handkerchiefs“.

“Red handkerchiefs in Central Park and peace. Members of various groups and leaders of civil society disagreed with the anti-imperialist move. Unusual war practices Execution against peace in Cuba “, Wrote The president on his Twitter account.

As explained by the event organizers in the document As mentioned above Through the state newspaper Granma, it seeks to express this initiative Rejection of the ban The US-imposed economy against the island supports “all liberation struggles.”

“We are not the owners of democracy. But part of it. Do not take advantage. We are not naive: we do not compromise with extremists Compromise dresses. They do not deceive us. Because we have abandoned the need for applause and a satisfying choir, we are not what they want us to be, “the document reads, referring to action. Not centered Respond to the disgruntled march called for November 15, “although some participants were mobilized because of the need to respond to the event.”

  • Earlier, Cuban Foreign Minister Bruno Rodriguez Parila Condemned The “manipulation of a crude” in the Twitter algorithm creates the impression that a large number of Internet users on the island are posting messages on the platform that contain the anti-Cuban government logo.
  • The label, which has started to spread on social media, is attracting people Opposition march Next November 15, the country will not reopen and its economy has not been approved for a resumption date.
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