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Russia presents prototype of its new Checkmate Light Fighter to the world (video)

Russia presents prototype of its new Checkmate Light Fighter to the world (video)


14 November 2021 13:35 GMT

The aircraft will be on public display at the Dubai Airshow 2021 from November 14 to 18.

The prototype of the new fifth generation Russian aircraft Socket was presented at the International Air Show Dubai Airshow 2021, Which was the first international exhibition of light tactical warplanes.

“CheckMate has low detection capability and is well-equipped, which is ideal for combining combat performance and the cost of a flight. Unique offer International Arms Market “, Commented Sergei Semasov, Director General of the Russian state-owned company Rostech.

Developed by Sukhoi, the Checkmate can fly at maximum speeds Mac 1.8 And has an air limit 3,000 kms, its war load exceeding 7 tons. It is expected to be able to carry many more Drones On board.

The aircraft’s only engine is the same engine fitted to the fifth-generation Su-57 fighter jets. The CheckMate may be single / double seated and functional Unmanned aerial vehicle.

Similarly, the aircraft is equipped with algorithms Artificial intelligence, Allowing pilots to focus on their core tasks instead of dealing with routine tasks.

Checkmate price will be determined $ 25-30 million, The undoubted advantage over its foreign counterparts like the French Dassault Rafale or the Swedish Saab Gripen, with a market price of $ 60-90 million.

The first flight is scheduled for 2023.

During its international launch, there is Rostech Corporation Created A Limited perfume Dedicated to Checkmate.