May 27, 2024

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They aired a video of a Venezuelan youth being attacked at a Florida school

Venezuelan child attacked
Photo- Healed. A 16 – year – old boy from Venezuela has been attacked at a school in the United States.

Luis Alejandro Ossegas Carrillo, 16, a Venezuelan student at Liberty High School in Florida, USA, was attacked by his classmates.

Journalist Sergio Novelli showed a video of the event His account on Instagram. This information shows how a young Afro-descendant approached Osage on the company’s sidewalk while another colleague was filming him.

Family members of the teen confirmed that he was suffering from autism. They also denounced the harassment as taking him to the bathroom and hitting him hard on the head after the video was over.

They are still waiting for the announcement of violence against Venezuela by a high school located in Kissimmee County. Florida.

Discipline by the school

A post posted on Instagram account Liberty High School The incident, labeled a “physical dispute,” was reported in October.

It points out that the students involved in this case were “appropriately disciplined”, however, it is not known what actions were taken with the young occupants.

Meanwhile, the Osceola County School District echoed the same statement issued by the school.


This fact has caused outrage among those who use social networks and they are asking for justice.

Please do something to help that child and his family. Please do not leave it unpunished. You have the power of communication, please do something. ”

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In another message they write: “Absolute rage. The prisoner must go, the beater, his accomplice, the photographer … so they learn.

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