July 15, 2024

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The youngest son of banker Juan Carlos Escott has died

The youngest son of banker Juan Carlos Escott has died

Juan Carlos Escoded Alviares, son of Juan Carlos Escott, leader of Banesco and Abanka, died this Saturday in a boating accident in Florida, USA. The youngest of the sons of the young man, the banker and Maria Isabel Alviares, served as director. Panesco USA, The US division of the Miami-based bank. His other two brothers work for the company.

As journalist Angela Ora shared on her Instagram account, Escot Jr. was at the Miami Keys Fishing Championships. “The girlfriend accidentally fell into the water due to the captain’s stumble to help the boy who was struggling with the fish with the stick. Immediately, Escott began to save himself for her fianc. She was able to leave without consequences, and he did not have the same fate due to the propeller.

The couple will get married in November, the journalist said.

Escot Sr. is the President and Founder of BANESCO International, based in Venezuela, Spain, USA, Panama, Puerto Rico, Brazil, Dominican Republic, Colombia, Switzerland, Germany, Portugal, and the United Kingdom. France.

Since 2017, Escot has chaired the Board of Directors of ABANCA, a Spanish bank operating in France, the United Kingdom, Germany, Switzerland, Portugal, Mexico, Panama, Brazil, the United States and Venezuela.

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