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The woman who claims to be the owner of the sun was sued in 2015 for burns

The woman who claims to be the owner of the sun was sued in 2015 for burns
The owner of the sun
María angeles Durán has been a notary public since 2010. Photo: iStock / La Voz de Galicia

Spanish Maria Angels Duran declared herself the owner of the sun in 2010, and her story has spread in recent days with a plan to tax everyone who uses the star’s light.

The woman not only developed an interest in her ideas. She has legally confronted a large e-commerce company and citizens are responsible for her burns and skin cancer.

The owner of the sun

Located at the center of the solar system at an average distance of 149,600,000 kilometers from Earth, I am the owner of the spectral type G2 star Sun “reads minutes approved by a notary years ago.

At the time, he said, the plan was to levy worldwide taxes on the use of solar energy.

He told the media,The voice of GaliciaIt was planned that 50% would be allocated to the Spanish government, 20% to pensions, 10% to research, 10% to alleviate hunger, and the remaining 10% to her.

“If you pay for rivers, why not for this?” He promised. But to this day his intention has not been welcomed by anyone.

Why does she own the sun?

Duran is a professional lawyer and psychologist, and worked as a forensic expert until his accident in 2001. It, as told to the ‘ABC’ newspaper, forced him to take chest pains and retire as soon as possible.

But she was not idle. He decided to write ‘The Diary of a Submissive’ and ‘The Story of the Three’. You, I and Alzheimer’s. While browsing the internet looking for information for his latest book, he discovered the source of inspiration was Dennis Hope.

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Hope is an American who has been taking the moon and other stars since the 1980s because he discovered a legal hole in the space contract. Broadly speaking, this document prohibits countries from acquiring “decentralized systems”, but it makes no mention of natural persons.

The owner of the sun

“I’m legally based on it, the records are only capable of being extraterrestrial. The actions are different,” Duran commented at the time.

So there is no problem in writing in the notary law: “The acquisition of the aforementioned property creates an electromagnetic and radioactive fear because it has not been owned or known for 5,000 million years to date.”

In other words, since no one has claimed the right to the sun for many years, the Spanish woman can put it in her name.

Claim for damages

Manuel Sierra, who lives in Ribeira, Spain, sued Maria Angels Duran in 2015 for injuries caused by sunlight.

The owner of the sun
A person accused of causing skin damage by the sun | Photo: iStock

“I have red eyes and burns. I went to the ER. I have photos to prove it. I will try to reach an agreement with her or I will go to court. I do not mind paying 1,000 euros to a lawyer,” he told La Voz de Galicia.

However, Duran confronted those who tried to hold her responsible for her suffering; He accused them of having little legal knowledge.

“They think they can ask me, but the sun is not the cause of the cancer, it’s the pollution that destroys the ozone layer. By the same logic, I can ask them for compensation for the food or heat they eat,” he said.

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Although Sierra was determined to complete the entire process in court, when she discovered that the woman had been the owner of the sun since 2010, she “backed down” without being able to respond to what happened before the notary authorized her.

The owner of the sun

Other legal confusions

Duran sued because they vetoed the eBay e-commerce site. He opened an account to sell parcels of the sun for 600 to 1,200 euros, but that page accused him of selling something outrageous.

“You can feel it by touching it,” the Spanish woman told the inquest, ‘EFE’ reported. He also demanded 10,000 euros in compensation.

He did not reach an agreement at the time, and it is thought he is still in court in Spain.

The owner of the sun
Woman tries to sell sunscreen on eBay | Photo: iStock

Similarly, the woman filed a lawsuit against the General Association of Editors and Publishers in 2008 for failing to pay for the copyright charged by the company for recording Tarzan’s Scream.

“And I say, if they do not pay for my work, why do they charge? This is called abuse, fraud, and the penal code says so, not me,” he told the ABC newspaper.

“People are not qualified to do anything, they are afraid of being ridiculed, they look down on what they say, and many say they can laugh at me if I do this,” he concluded when asked about his particular actions.

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