June 15, 2024

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The spiritualist stole $30,000 from a family that “cleanly” paid

The spiritualist stole $30,000 from a family that “cleanly” paid
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A Hispanic family in Texas accused a woman hired to do a spiritual “cleansing” of their home for stealing $30,000 they had secured to buy a property, Univision reported this Saturday.

A robbery in Round Rock, central Texas is being investigated by the Williamson County Sheriff’s Office.

The family hired the services of a “spiritualist” named Sandra, who offered “cleanses” to achieve health and prosperity and ironically left them with less money than they had.

“It was the ‘down payment’ (down payment) we had for a house and unfortunately it took away all the dreams and plans we had through so much effort and so much struggle,” said the mother of the family. Don’t want to be identified.

The Hispanic channel UnivisiĆ³n posted on its website a photo of a leaflet handed out by “Sandra” in the parking lots of Latino supermarkets in the area.

“She came for several days, lit some candles and started praying, but last week when she was supposed to come, she didn’t come back. My husband was waiting for her and she no longer answered the call,” said the victim.

When asked by the family how “Sandra” gained access to the safe room, the husband told Univision 62 that they carelessly left the key in a safe on one of the tables in the room.

The family has asked anyone who had contact with “Sandra” or who is now her client to call Williamson County authorities.

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