June 17, 2024

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The pilot of a military plane that crashed in the Amazon region of Ecuador has died

Kido.- The Ecuadorian military says a pilot of a military plane that crashed last week in the Amazon region of Ecuador has died this Friday from injuries sustained in the crash.

“Military Aviation Lieutenant Marlon Fernando Suarez Gonzalez died at the Special Forces No. 1 Hospital,” the agency said in a statement, citing the death this morning.

He explained that last Friday, December 24, 2021, an officer suffered significant injuries during a plane crash of a Cessna 206 in the Lorakachi region of Pastasa (southeast) of the Amazon province on the border with Peru.

The plane is said to have gone missing as it did not reach its destination while carrying out the task of transporting goods to the Lorokachi unit.

Hours later, two military helicopters were found crashing into a tree.

According to initial reports, two crew members, an Army officer pilot and a co-pilot, were rescued alive, although Suarez was unable to walk on his own.

Both were transferred to a military hospital in Quito.

The military has not commented on the health of the other team member.

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