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Vladimir Putin greets the Russian people 2022 with his traditional New Year message (video).


31 dic 2021 20:53 GMT

In his traditional message, the Russian President, in his longest message, spoke of the year 2021, when the country faced “great challenges” but was able to face them because of unity and surpassed this year with dignity.

Dear citizens of Russia! Dear friends! Ends 2021. Very soon time will take us from the past to the future. It happens every day, every minute, every second, but only when we clearly feel the continuous course of time at the moment of the New Year.

We expect this to be an important milestone. We are all united now in the hope of positive changes to come, but we know we cannot separate them from the events of the year we are about to leave.

We had to face enormous challenges, but we learned to live in these difficult situations and solve difficult tasks. And we have achieved it because of our unity

We are constantly fighting against a dangerous epidemic that is engulfing every continent. This deadly disease has already claimed tens of thousands of lives and I would like to express my sincere support to all those who lost loved ones.

Dear friends! The most important thing is that we have overcome all the difficulties of 2021 together. We have protected those who were in dire straits.

We are the first to provide support to Russia’s future generations and families with children. We firmly and consistently defend our national interests, the security of our country and its citizens

We have been able to revive the economy in a short period of time and are now ready to tackle strategic development tasks in many areas.

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Of course, there are still many issues to be resolved, but this year we have won with dignity. In this regard, the main debt goes to you, the citizens of Russia. This is the reward of your hard work. Everyone in his place tried to fulfill his duty and not only do what he was compelled to do, but also to help those in the most difficult situation. My heartfelt thanks to all of you!

In such difficult times, it is important for everyone to continue to move forward with a good mind, to strive to realize whatever their personal plans are and to make a good contribution to the community and the country. As the New Year approaches, we hope it will give us new opportunities and that luck will come with us, but at the end of the day, we know that the execution of our plans depends on us first and foremost. We set what is being filled in our lives, and how determined and active we are to achieve concrete and visible results. These will form the basis for the implementation of our national plans. The main project is to improve the well-being and quality of life of the people. Execution of this task will further strengthen Russia.

Only if we work together can we improve the future growth and prosperity of our homeland

Dear friends, New Year’s Eve is really full of sweet feelings and sweet thoughts, the desire for everyone to express their best qualities. This openness and generosity embodies the essence and energy of this wonderful feast, it is very important to fill the parents with attention and care, to hug them when they are near and tell all the family members how much we love them. What a joy to have love, children, family and friends! They are the highest values ‚Äč‚Äčthat determine the meaning of each person’s life to a large extent. We all want to keep counting down next year with your insurance support. Now we rush to acknowledge our closest feelings to our loved ones, telling them the true words of affection and gratitude, sometimes not having time to utter in the daily hustle and bustle.

What makes the New Year so magical is precisely the opening of our hearts to empathy and hope, generosity and compassion.

Loving greetings are heard everywhere at this time, whether you are with family or friends or in your favorite city square. I am delighted to join all of them, especially those who are now fulfilling their professional and military duties, protecting, caring for patients, maintaining or maintaining public order, and wish them a Happy New Year. Work in transportation, industries and essential services will not be disrupted. Hundreds of thousands of our citizens work in these fields: Thank you so much for the responsibility shown in a mission that is so important to our country and our people.

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Dear friends! The New Year will come in a few more seconds. In many homes, including our comrades outside Russia, the traditional wish is heard: “Happy New Year! Happy Holidays!” We pronounce these simple words with a special sense because they are passed down from generation to generation. My heartfelt congratulations! Of course, my biggest passion for everyone is health. Along with that, I believe that success in work, study, creative or personal hobbies is not to be expected.

We hope there will be more and more pleasant events in every home. Often new families are created and children are born. May they grow up healthy, intelligent, honest and independent

May love live in every heart and motivate all to achieve the goals we have set for ourselves, to achieve the highest for our loved ones and for our only great homeland.

Happy New Year, dear friends! Happy 2022!