June 29, 2022

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The mysterious stone city where scientists have not found any answer

Mysterious stone city that scientists can not answer.

Colombia is surrounded by spectacular panoramas, some of which are more visited than others. For example, in the suburbs of San Jose del Guerrero, you can see what looks like a stone city. In fact, the Colparques organization explains that there are actually five cities: Ciudad Perdida, Los Tineles, Las Murallas, La Puerta de Orión and Los Puentes Naturales.

Each of these places is surrounded by numerous plants, of which the quarry flower and the canopy palm tree stand out. That’s why the site is created. Caves, Trails and thousands of other adventures for tourists. However, the clearest view is of stones almost 12 meters high.

From what tourists say, you can see many shapes in the large limestone buildings: whales, profiles of human faces, caves, birds, in many descriptions they have had over the years.

An enigmatic stone city

There is not much information yet about who lived in that place in the distant past. There are some studies that believe that at some point in history certain tribal communities may have lived on that land. But could not verify it. Nevertheless, some stones contain traces of cave hieroglyphics, which are said to be nomadic communities without any confirmation.

The suspicion that there was a civilization is also given by the way the stones were aligned. Some of these seem to have been specially arranged for cutting Roads Or build bridges. As if with the intention of improving the movement through it. However, the most widely heard theory is that it was once the mining gateway.

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To learn about this Colombian puzzle, you can fly to a nearby place like the George Enrique Gonzalez Torres Airport in San Jose del Caviar. It can also be reached by car or bus on the road from Villavicencio to Calamar Municipality.

From there the road will continue over the ground. To get there, it is better to get a tour guide that includes transportation to the place or pay for a private car from the city, which will take you directly in half an hour, Colebarks notes.

Suitable for long walks

The site usually does not have the infrastructure beyond the stones, but that does not mean you can not camp, you just need to bring all the materials needed for this. In addition, it is important that you take into account the temperature of about 30 degrees Celsius in a place in the middle of the humid forest, so you need to bring hydration and adequate clothing to face it. As much as you can enjoy the landscape, do not pollute the water as much and collect your garbage.

In addition to this intriguing city, Guerrero has other natural attractions for tourists who enjoy trekking and other types of outdoor activities. For example, if you enjoy swimming with other creatures such as freshwater dolphins, there is a pool where you can swim.

Its name is an hour from Damas del Nare and San José del Guaviare. There, with an agency that can come with you, you can swim with the dolphins for about $ 50, depending on what is included in your trip.

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