August 19, 2022

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Frodo, the chimpanzee who kidnapped a woman, killed and ate her

Today, chimpanzees are threatened by deforestation and poaching / Photo Getty Images

Frodo, a chimpanzee who lived in Gombe National Park in Tanzania, was sadly notorious for committing a horrific act: he killed and ate a woman.

Born on June 30, 1976, he began to show some unusual signs of violence at an early age, which was initially taken as “naughty” and later led to a behavioral disorder. As well as danger to the audience.

British anthropologist and leading scientist Jane Goodall spent too much time with the animal and warned that it was violent. Over time, it was considered a dangerous species to communicate with.

Frodo is a violent chimpanzee

Frodo – so he named him Gudal Lord of the Rings– When he noticed a person approaching to communicate, he became a threat by learning to throw stones very accurately. In addition, there were experiences that could have happened to adults with tourists being beaten down by animals.

Despite these precursors, the chimpanzee was not removed from the park. On May 15, 2002, in a very tragic episode, Frodo slipped through some trees, saw three people walking by, jumped on them and caught Miyazah. A girl over 1 year old walks in the park with her mother Rukia Sadiq. “I felt overwhelmed by the sudden attack. The chimpanzee began to untie the cloth tied around my baby’s back and then fled with my daughter, ”the woman described the tragedy years later.

After a thorough search of the property, the park rangers made Frodo visible, who noticed the human presence and fled, leaving a terrifying figure: a child beaten and lifeless, with body parts eaten by animals. This fact shocked the world and he was strongly urged to be a victim.

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Frodo, a violent chimpanzee.

They foretold a tragic moment

Jane Goodall’s word was immediate and he predicted that this might be due to the aggressive behavior of the animals in his sentences: “Frodo Were killed For a human child. Something we had long expected would happen. Although chimpanzees are predators and their favorite prey in the combo are humans, humans are another type of animal.

Shatrak Kamenya, director of chimpanzee research at Combe Park, said: “Frodo’s behavior during this incident appeared to be part of the chimpanzee’s natural hunting behavior.

As mentioned The sun, After this fact, Frodo grew old and began to show signs of his physical condition diseases. He was given antibiotic treatment and made little progress. But he did not recover. On November 10, 2013, he died of a stab wound to the pelvis. I am 37 years old.

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