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“The driver died on the spot, so there was no one to open the door”: 46 people were burned to death on a bus in Bulgaria


23 November 2021 14:09 GMT

Currently, researchers have two theories as to the cause of the accident: a human error or a technical malfunction in the vehicle.

New information has emerged about the tragic bus crash that killed 46 people, including 12 minors, in Bulgaria on Tuesday.

Macedonian Registration Vehicle, He had an accident About 03:00 (local time) a fire broke out on a highway 30 km south of Sofia. Only seven of the survivors were hospitalized.

Northern Macedonia Health Minister Wenko Phillips visited the injured Said That they were all in good condition and had no fear for their lives. “Only one patient suffered a fracture,” he said.

Bulgarian Interior Minister Pyko Rashkov is acting. Reported To reporters at the scene, the casualties were completely “burned”. “The film is terrifying, terrifying. I have never seen anything like it,” he declared.

Bulgarian National Police Chief Stanimir Stanov said most of the passengers were trapped in the vehicle. “The driver died on the spot, so there was no one to open the door.” Appointment AFP their statements.

Authorities are investigating the cause of the crash and are working on two possible theories: a human error or a technical glitch on the bus. bTV. Similarly, one of the injured told Macedonian Prime Minister Joran Save that he heard the sound of a loud explosion, but this has not yet been verified.

For his part, the Bulgarian deputy Tesislava Atanasova Rejected He said the condition of the pavement was the cause of the accident and demanded a transparent investigation.

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The bus involved in the accident Owns To Pesa Trans in Skopje, the capital of northern Macedonia. His office did not respond to press calls and closed a few hours after its opening hours.