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The death of a child brings with it six people killed in a runover during a Christmas parade in Wisconsin


23 November 2021 22:44 GMT

The accused has been charged with five counts of intentional murder after colliding with a crowd on the wheel of his SUV.

This was the number of deaths due to mass outrage Sunday The AP reports that the death toll from a child injury during a Christmas parade in Waukesha (Wisconsin, USA) rose to six this Tuesday, which was confirmed by the attorneys responsible for the case.

As needed Local mediaAbout eight-year-old Jackson Sparks, who was hospitalized with injuries, underwent brain surgery when doctors could do nothing to save his life.

At the same time, Darrell Brooks, who entered the crowd on the wheel of his SUV, was charged with five counts of manslaughter, for which he faces life imprisonment for each charge. For their part, the lawyers mentioned it They will lay further charges against him, Bail was established at five million dollars.

This Monday, Waukesha Police Chief Don Thompson, Rejected The attack was a terrorist act, while Brooks was said to have acted alone and engaged in domestic violence minutes before the crash.

Defendant’s vehicle, according to the indictment. ” Deliberately moving A police officer opened fire on Brooks’ car from side to side, showing no intention of stopping or stopping him as he ran over the march participants, but stopped firing to prevent anyone from being injured.

The accused has already been charged with running away from his son after playing a physical fight with his mother in early November. The man was released on $ 1,000 bail after the incident, but after the Waukesha incident, Milwaukee County prosecutors have already announced. They will review approval.

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In all, Brooks has faced a dozen charges since 1999.