May 23, 2024

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Chile insulted Venezuelan workers and later apologized

Chile insulted Venezuelan workers and later apologized
Chile insulted Venezuelan workers and later apologized
Video captures

Chilean citizen Insulted and threatened two Venezuelan workers Oxxo shop in the municipality of Ñuñoa in Chile. In a video that went viral on social media, the man demanded that immigrants return to their country, while insulting their nationality.

The irritability of the matter arose as he was not allowed to go to the company with his pet. “Look here, son of Guliavo Fakot, the next time I come with my dog ​​you refuse to sell me. I’m going to take your mom’s hole from you, did you hear me say that? Do you understand me or not? Do you understand me? ” He asked.

Faced with insults, Venezuela, who attended the check-out, tried to ignore: “Gentleman, go away. We are working. “But Chile insisted.

“Don’t talk to me like that. I speak, listen to what you have to say. You shut your mouth you shut your mouth. Already? The next time I come with my dog, when you say you’re not going to see me, Venezuela Gulia, I’m going to kick your mother’s hole out of you. Can you hear me? Yes or no? Says the man.

“Yes, yes,” the worker replied.

“You are in my country”

“No, but look into my eyes. Look into my eyes, motherfucker! Culiao bastard, culiao depatriate. You are in my country, here we rule, not you. Back to your mother’s drive. Look me in the eye, son of a bitch, ”he continued.

He reiterated his request to Venezuela to leave the campus, and the man continued:

“If you were a man we would be out, but you have no balls. Since you are Venezuela, you want to raise your ass. You are your mother’s shell, a bitch’s son (…) All you have to do is catch a plane and return to your country, ”the man said.

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Except, They called Venezuela “Sid Monkeys.”. “They have to eat bananas in the trees,” he said.

The worker recorded everything and Chile realized.

“Oh! Are you registering? Oh, you are registering! There is nothing you can do just to register because you are a girl. You are a scoundrel. You are a woman. You have no balls, you can not go out and fight”, He continued.

Rejection of racism

The actions of the Chilean citizen create strong rejection on social networks, and more Caused the dissatisfaction of the authorities. Among them, the mayor of Ñuñoa, Emilia Ramos, expressed her support for foreigners in the face of threats and said she would not accept racism within her jurisdiction.

Similarly, Oxxo reported Evaluates legal action against the subject: “Since we know the truth, we have provided all necessary support to our collaborators in this difficult moment and in filing the relevant complaint,” the supermarket chain said in a statement.

“I drank well”

Chile, in conversation T13Promised that He drank too much and he could not remember it What did he do. He said his friends told him he was in a viral video of the attack Alien hatred Two against Venezuela.

“I came to buy with my dog, there was a sign, I did not realize you can not enter with pets,” As I spent the drinks well, I was more in reaction, Wrong location. There are no words to describe them. I do not even remember it, “he said.

He apologized to the cashier for the way he had been treated and explained the situation to him.

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“I did not notice anything. I delete it. Shame on me, that morning I came and apologized to the young man, and my friends said to me ‘Hey, how can you treat someone like that?’ I’m a very quiet person, I’m kind of bitter, but I’m never been violent, “he said.

Said the man He received threats against his dog. He also accused her of going through difficult personal and emotional times, and the video of the moment she approached immigrants to apologize was not known until the leak.

“With all my heart, please forgive me, forgive me, forgive me. Honestly I do not remember anything, I was drunk. Please forgive me, I do not even remember what I said. I have no words to justify what I did. My old man passed away last week and it affected me so much. I took too much, I did not, “he promised.

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