April 17, 2024

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The Cuban people will hold a protest on Monday in defiance of the regime’s ban and threats


Despite the increase in bans, threats and repression in the last hours of the Miguel Diaz-Canel government, the Cuban people are planning to take to the streets this Monday, November 15, to wage a major struggle for freedom and liberty.

Civil society organizations in Havana and the other six provinces of the island have called for the march. Protests in support of the Cuban people will take place in at least 120 cities around the world.

However, the organizers of this movement foretold more waves of repression against the protesters, which the regime has increased over the days.

Police interrogations, detentions, denials and house arrests have been frequent in the past week in anticipation of the opposition march. The Cuban government has said it will not allow the demonstration as part of a US intervention plan.

A large display of police officers and plainclothes agents around the home of Jr. Garcia Aguilera, director of the Trébol Teatro and chairman of the Citizens Action Committee, on Sunday. Archipelago, Which is at the forefront of the call for 15N.

Garcia, who had planned to walk alone in Havana on Sunday afternoon carrying only a white rose in his hand, could not leave the house due to a siege by authorities.

Foreign journalists who tried to access Garcia’s home said the government had blocked access.

Victor Ruiz, another member of the archipelago, was the victim of an act of rejection at his home by a group of gastroites who came to remove the flag of Patria y Libertad.

The Quebec team of EFE News Agency withdrew their credentials in advance, with the intention of not covering up the events this Monday.

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They were informed that this decision was taken under the so-called “Section 1 of the Final Rules of Foreign Press Corporate Rules”.

Following international pressure, Cuban officials They returned the credentials Press with two journalists: Editor Laura Becker and cameraman Felipe Borego. The other four communicators are unauthorized to work.

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