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88th massacre this year: 3 members of the same family killed in northwestern Colombia!


15 November 2021 22:13 GMT

In 2021 alone, a total of 313 people have been killed in this type of violence so far.

The murder of three members of the same family is the 88th homicide recorded in Colombia this Monday, the only one so far this year. The incident took place in the municipality of Ciudad Bolívar in the Department of Antioquia.

According to preliminary data collected by the Institute for Development and Peace Studies (Indepass), the event took place in the district of San Bernardo de los Faralon de Citara in southwestern Antioch; And The bodies were found on a farm in “San Bernardo”..

According to the company’s calculations, this is the 88th day of the massacre in Colombian territory, with a total of 313 people killed in such incidents. The hitherto unidentified victims were a father, mother and 22-year-old daughter.

After the incident, the Colombian ombudsman’s office issued an early warning to southwestern Antioch, indicating danger, Indepaz added. Activities of various irregular armed groups In the area associated with drug trafficking such as Clan del Golfo, Apurra Valley Office, La Cabana, Los Belibindatos, Salto and Sangre Negra.

These paramilitary groups have been fighting to control legal and illicit revenue in the San Juan subdivision, and after the deal, are expanding into areas controlled by the rebel, defunct FARC-EP guerrillas that laid down their arms in 2016. Signed peace with the government.

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According to Indepaz, the conflict zone will provide access to irregular groups to establish international routes to the Pacific Ocean.