December 11, 2023

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The aggressor’s girlfriend broke the silence

Christina Kirchner is the girlfriend aggressor

The attacker’s girlfriend, Fernando Sabac Montiel, and five friends were arrested. A gun to Christina Kirchner’s head, gave an interview on Friday night. In it, they said they ignored the 35-year-old’s actions and were afraid because of the continued threats they received after the attack against the Vice President.

Amber met the intruder four months ago but began a romantic relationship with him in August. Additionally, they worked in the cotton candy business along with several friends. But a criminal attack that Montiel tried to stage against the former president turned their plans upside down and made their lives “a nightmare.”

“I’m very scared because they will take the opportunity to work and they will blame us for something we didn’t do. They say we are a terrorist group and we have nothing to do with this,” the young woman told Telif Noticias, who was studying at the time of the attack and that He also admitted that he found out about the incident on TV. “I didn’t think I could do something like that. I was shocked,” she admitted.

By his account, Monteil, who has tattoos of various symbols of Nazi ideology and follows numerous hate groups on social media, is “a good person” and a “hard worker”. “The image of a cool guy who’s joking, loving, we never thought he could do something like that,” he noted.

Assault on Christina Kirchner: Assailant’s girlfriend breaks silence and tells intimate details about him.

He also said he was unaware of Monteil’s criminal record, never saw the weapon used in the attack and was unaware of the 100 bullets in the home they shared. In this case, he criticized the search conducted at the house and demanded that the authorities return his belongings. “I am with what I am wearing and they took all my clothes. It’s unfair because I have nothing to do with it and I have nothing to wear,” he said.

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Another friend of Montiel’s, Nicolás, who was on the phone with Telefe Noticias, worried about the threats they received after the assassination attempt. “We came because we were getting threats. We are not a group of terrorists, we are not Nazis,” he assured.

Like Amber, she tried to distance herself from what happened. “I never thought I would do this. We were all shocked when we saw it on TV,” he said.

Monteil’s judicial situation

Arrested after attempting to shoot the vice president, Monteil refused to testify in court about the assassination attempt. However, he recognized the weapon he used as his own and had racist comments with the protesters, when they arrested him, injuring his eye.

The trial was conducted by Judge Maria Eugenia Capucetti and Prosecutor Carlos Rivolo, who traveled at 7:00 p.m. from the Comodoro Pi court to the headquarters of the Mounted Police Corps of the Federal Police, along the streets of Cavia and Figueroa Alcorta. , where is the prisoner.

Montiel, assisted by official defender Martin Hermida, argued in court that the .32-caliber pistol he used was his. A neighbor said he had lent it to him. After confirming this information, the police confirmed that the gun belonged to the person who died two years ago. It recorded part of the numbers and partially kept the number 025.

At present, all the evidence collected shows that he acted alone, he said Nation A research resource. Several experimental measurements are to be carried out.

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