March 24, 2023

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Sebastian Marcer accuses Marcelo of ordering Becky’s murder

They allege that Uruguayan narco Sebastian Marcher ordered the murder of prosecutor Marcelo Pegi.
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Drug trafficker Sebastian Mercer is listed as such One of the best of murder Lawyer Marcelo Beggi, They honeymooned in Baru, a 45-minute boat ride from Cartagena, Colombia.

The Statement of one of the arrested persons in the case Colombian, American and Paraguayan officials participating in the investigation provided a profile of the 31-year-old subject.

Francisco Luis Correa Galeano, 43, two Colombians dedicated to drug trafficking; They found him in Medellin at the request of a man It is one of the largest cocaine traffickers in Paraguay.

“The money, logistics and information to kill Marcelo Becchi would have been sent directly from Paraguay,” Correa assured the authorities.

In that country, Mercer led a network dedicated to drug trafficking. Together with Miguel Angel Infran Galliano, he had a laundering mechanism through football clubs and churches. It was dismantled during Operation Ultranza in Paraguay in February 2022.

He said the operations involved 107 raids and the seizure of $100,000,000, 98 properties, 28 vehicles, 10 light aircraft, 1 helicopter, 12 carts, 41 tractors, 48 ​​motorcycles and 7 boats. land.

Incitement to murder

Arrest warrants against five of the seven Infran brothers issued on April 22 this year sparked the plot for Becky’s murder. The youngest of them was arrested that day: Conrado Ramon Infran Villalba. But Paraguayan officials denied that Peggy had made the request, insisting that she had not undergone the procedure.

Marcet, linked to the first Uruguayan cartel, is a fugitive from Uruguayan justice.

He was detained at the Dubai International Airport in the United Arab Emirates in late September last year. He had a false Paraguayan passport Also, two months after his arrest, the Uruguayan Ministry of Foreign Affairs issued him a new document that allowed him to gain his freedom.

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Uruguayan Undersecretary Guillermo Maciel explained this in statements to Digital Media in March of this year. UnderlinedWhen the passport was issued to Marchet There is no requirement to review international criminal records From the applicant.

Five people were identified for their involvement in the prosecutor’s crime, and security officials were able to arrest them on June 3, he said. Time. Becky has led several investigations against Brazilian cartels and Paraguayan clans, in addition to the case against his country’s former president.

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