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Russian embassy in US: “We are not going to back down or move in the face of threats of sanctions.”


1 February 2022 02:05 GMT

The Russian embassy in the United States responded to a tweet from the State Department dedicated to the situation in Ukraine.

The Russian embassy in the United States reiterated its accusations against Washington for creating tensions around Ukraine, and warned that threats of US sanctions would not lead to Moscow.Again“.

The Russian military responded to a tweet by the Foreign Ministry accusing Moscow of occupying the Crimean peninsula in 2014, supporting and focusing on the secluded Ukrainian region of Donbass. 100,000 Army On its border with Ukraine.

“It was the United States that promoted the radical-nationalist coup in Kiev and put the people of Crimea at risk of extinction. [esa poblaciĆ³n] Vote In favor of reunification With Russia ” Replied The embassy on its Facebook account.

He also stressed that the United States has been providing modern products Assault weapons To the Ukrainian authorities who agree with the plans of the Zhelensky government to resolve the Donbass issue By force.

Russia’s diplomatic representation also accuses the United States of violating the inseparable policy of security in Europe. Near the Russian border Its military infrastructure.

“So it’s not Moscow that is creating the tension, but Washington. We’ll not back down either Stand still In the face of threats from US sanctions, “the embassy warned.