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Putin says the United States has ignored most Russian security concerns


1 February 2022 16:44 GMT

The Russian president spoke out against NATO’s open door policy, noting that strengthening the security of some countries was not possible.

After Russian President Vladimir Putin met with Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban for about five hours on Tuesday, he said the United States had ignored most Russian concerns about security guarantees.

“We are carefully analyzing the written response we received from the US and NATO on January 26. But that is already clear, and I have conveyed this to the Prime Minister. [Orbán]Russia’s policy concerns have been ignored, “Putin told a news conference after a meeting with the Hungarian leader.

“It simply came to our notice then Our main requirements He went on to say that NATO would not expand, would not deploy offensive weapons organizations near Russia’s borders, and would withdraw the camp’s military infrastructure in Europe to its 1997 state when the NATO-Russia founding law was signed.

The Russian president stressed that NATO defends its open-door policy, calling on each country to “choose freely” whether to join the coalition or not. However, according to Putin, this policy It is not sanctified In any document, it is a reminder that the security of some countries cannot be strengthened at the expense of other countries.

As for Ukraine, in his meeting with Putin Urban, he stressed on ways to resolve the conflict in the east of the country and human rights violations.Systemic“.

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For his part, Orban stressed the importance of his meeting with the Russian President No European leader wants the conflict to erupt. “My visit is a peace-building visit because I was able to talk about the unity of the EU, which means there is not even a single leader in the EU who wants to provoke a confrontation with Russia,” he said.

The war between NATO and Russia?

The Russian president reiterated verbally in the 1990s that he would not extend the promises of the Atlantic Alliance.Not an inch“They deceived us,” he said, heading east after Germany joined.

Regarding Kiev’s joining the coalition, Putin stressed that Russia must fight against NATO if Ukraine, which has recently been actively militarized by the West, launches a joint offensive in the Russian peninsula of Crimea.

“It’s not [Crimea] There is Sovereign territory From Russia! Should we go to war with the NATO camp? Has anyone thought about that? Not explicitly, “said the President.

“It seems to me that the United States does not care so much about Ukraine’s security,” the president said, while emphasizing Washington’s “very important task.”Containing Development of Russia.

At the same time, Putin suggested how Washington and its allies could reject Ukraine’s aspirations to become members of the military camp.

“We want to ensure your safety. We respect you. We respect your aspirations. But We cannot accept that, Because we have other international responsibilities. What could Ukraine not understand or offend in this matter? ”The head of state asked.