June 21, 2024

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The widow of Paraguayan lawyer Marcelo Becci returns to Paraguay

The widow of Paraguayan lawyer Marcelo Becci returns to Paraguay

(CNN Spanish) – Director General of Human Development of the National Secretariat for Returnees ParaguayGuillermo Osorio, in an interview with ABC Cardinal radio station, said the autopsy on the body of anti – drug lawyer Marcelo Becci had already been completed and that “the funeral service is expected to be by Friday. The body must be ready.”

Osorio added that the state of Paraguay would bear the cost of the service of returning the body of the lawyer who was killed while on a honeymoon with his wife, Claudia Aguilera, in Colombia. The murder was reported by Colombian National Police on Tuesday.

The official said he was coordinating a change of pace for the speech widow so that she could return soon.

Rome Romero, Paraguay’s ambassador to Colombia, told CNN that Becky’s widow was flying back to the country on an Air Force plane used as the president’s plane.

The same plane took the Paraguayan police and prosecutors to Colombia, as well as the Paraguayan prosecutors Alicia Sabrisa and Manuel Dolton and two Colombian members of the Criminal Investigation Department, as well as Belarus’ widowed sister Claudia Aguilera. The national police of that country. Both researchers are coming to Paraguay to collaborate with these investigations.

According to the embassy representative, after the funeral and related documents, Pechi’s body will be ready for burial this Thursday afternoon or evening.

Considering the pending procedures, the embassy said in a speedy case, it is estimated that he could leave Cartagena via Panama on Friday afternoon and arrive in Asuncion on Saturday morning.

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Pecci case: Colombia and Paraguay demand international cooperation 4:12

Investigations continue after Pechi’s murder

The Paraguayan prosecutor’s office said in a statement on Thursday that a team of prosecutors and police officers were working with their colleagues in Colombia to clarify the crime. He said mechanisms have been put in place to work with the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA), the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and other U.S. agencies.

The director general of the Colombian National Police, Jorge Luis Vargas, said they were investigating the murder of a prosecuting attorney in search of potential culprits, according to reports to the radio station La FM, according to the company’s Twitter account.
“Attorney Marcelo Becci dealt with serious international terrorism, drug trafficking, and triple frontier problems. He took many to prison. The assassination was an organized crime,” Vargas said.

“The information gathered includes the names of people who were taken or handed over to the prosecutor, including a member of Hezbollah. We are investigating several names,” he added.

The Paraguayan embassy in Colombia confirmed that they were unaware of Bechi’s trip, so he was not assigned a bodyguard.

Paraguay’s Interior Minister Federico Gonzalez told CNN on Tuesday that Becky did not seek protection from either the Paraguayan or Colombian governments because it was a private trip.