June 26, 2024

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Finnish President and Prime Minister support NATO entry | World | D.W.

Finnish President and Prime Minister support NATO entry |  World |  D.W.

This is a historic decision that has broken the alliance of more than eight decades. The two leaders issued a joint statement on Thursday (12.5.2022) confirming their support for Finland’s entry into NATO.

“Finland should apply without delay to join NATO. We hope that further steps to take this decision at the national level will be taken expeditiously in the coming days,” reads the text signed by the two leaders in their statement.

Niinist√∂ and Marin argue that Finland’s membership in NATO will strengthen its security and, at the same time, strengthen the Nordic military alliance. The two leaders have so far kept their position secret so as not to affect the public debate on NATO, which was reactivated after the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

The decisive step

“We need time for the parliament and the community as a whole to establish their position on this issue and to establish closer international relations with NATO and its member states, Sweden. We wanted to give the necessary space for discussion,” they pointed out.

This decisive action gives strong impetus to the process of joining Finland because security and security policy is a capacity shared by the President and the administration.

What is left now is that, based on the broad consensus among the political parties, one thing that may happen in the coming days is that the remaining coalition government and the Eduskunda (parliament) will give official support to formalize the application for admission.

MS (dpa / ef)