July 12, 2024

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According to the study, the sub variant of Omigran is more contagious than the original

According to the study, the sub variant of Omigran is more contagious than the original
Sub Variation of Omigran, L. National
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A variant of Omigran is more diffuse than BA.2 Original BA.1, according to a Danish study published on Monday.

“The study shows that if one person in a household is infected with PA2, the overall risk of another family member becoming infected in the first week is 39%. Conversely, if the person is infected with BA.1, the risk is 29%, ”the Danish Infectious Diseases Control Commission (SSI) said in a statement. Release.

Dominates Denmark, where it performed better than Omigran, the BA.2 sub variant, which, by preliminary estimates, is 1.5 times more diffuse than BA.1, SSI revealed on January 26th.

“People who are not vaccinated are more likely to develop PA2 than PA1,” SSI doctor Camila Holden Mueller was quoted as saying.

He also stressed that those who are vaccinated, especially those who receive a booster dose, are less likely to become infected.

Despite the number of registered cases, a 43% increase in new infections registered in 7 days, the Scandinavian nation of 5.8 million people is preparing to lift all restrictions on Tuesday, arguing the strong defense of vaccines and the low severity of the Omigran variant. .

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