June 20, 2024

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Retirees will receive advance payments for the month of April in the coming days


Caracas.- Twitter account Social security bonds for the people It was announced on Monday, March 14 that pensions for the elderly will be paid in the coming days.

While users are asked to carefully follow the official information released from the Social Security account @ivssoficial, this includes pensions related to the month of April 2022 and pre-pensions for the month of March 2022.

7 bolivars equal to the pension received by the beneficiaries last March; However the gPresident Nicolas Maduro announced on March 3 that the minimum wage for workers would be half a petro Or $ 28.97.

Although he promised not to forget the pensioners, he did not clarify how the offer would be given to the elderly, as this is the first time something has been mentioned in this regard.

In the comments to the tweet of the onBonosSocial account, they estimate that the amount they will receive is 126 bolivars related to the month and 63 bolivars per pioneer, i.e. 189 bolivars, which is -pcv ratio -. This would average $ 44.57; However, this has not yet been officially confirmed in any way.

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