July 18, 2024

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Ingrid Betancourt’s response to Gustavo Pedro during the Colombian presidential debate

Ingrid Betancourt’s response to Gustavo Pedro during the Colombian presidential debate
To Bettencourt
Photo: EFE

In the most tense moments of the presidential debate in Colombia, organized Time And WeekStrong debate between Ingrid Bettencourt and Gustavo Pedro.

One of those exchanges was abducted by Ingrid Betancourt in 2002 by the FARC.

It happened during the director at one point in Dynamic WeekVicky Dávila asked the candidate to ask Petro a question that focused on Colombia’s relations with Venezuela and Russia’s occupation of Ukraine.

Pedro responded by using the dual position of some spokespersons as an argument that did not mention past attacks by the United States. “In 2000, the United States more or less invaded Iraq. I protested, didn’t I? ”The candidate asked the former senator.

Beatoncourt’s response to the already viral was clear: “I was in the jungle, I was kidnapped by your friends.”

However, Pedro continued to speak out and stressed the need to reject all forms of international hostility. “Therefore, I condemn Iraq, Libya, Syria and Ukraine. At the same time, “he said.

A note from Time In the first minutes of the debate he stressed that the tension between Betancourt and Petro had already begun. The fight began when the former senator slammed the politician for linking Pita Cordoba to the historic deal.

When asked about Piedad Córdoba, candidate Ingrid Betancourt said: “There is evidence. This is Theodora Bolivar. We know he tried to make publications in line with his political interests.

He added: “But the problem is not in the pet. The problem is with Gustavo, who accepts that Piadad enters with those influences because he brings in political income, finances and votes.

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Bettencourt also said that there were kidnappers in the campaign of the head of the historic agreement. When Pedro asked him who abducted him and who was involved in his campaign, he referred to the General Alternative Revolutionary Forces party as “Los Communes”.

“It simply came to our notice then. The general public has made an independent election to the historic agreement. Do not slander me. There is no room for slander here, ”Pedro told the candidate.

Ingrid Betancourt stressed: “We have seen how they approach you and how you accept them; Not only for the communes, the absurd goes to the photos with Louis Perez, and the absurd goes to the photos with Caesar Gaviria.

That candidate told Pedro, despite his opposition to the economic opening with a delayed protectionist policy, that in his words, the country would go back to the 1970s, and now he “stands hand in hand with Caesar Gaviria.”

Pedro retained his permanent political seat from the Senate after losing the presidency in 2018, where he took second place in the election. Since then, he has formed a political coalition, consolidating the historic agreement and leading various polls.

The politician has distanced himself from the governments of Venezuela and Nicaragua and associated himself with the progressives of Luis Inacio Lula da Silva in Brazil and the recently elected Gabriel Boric in Chile. He promises to resume relations with the broken Caracas from 2019 and to open the border “to fill the void occupied by mafia groups today.”

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El Timbo says the presidential candidate will make a major proposal, ultimately to the government, to transition from the oil and coal economy to a program that focuses on agricultural productivity and the cultivation of 11 key products to be harvested in the country.

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