December 5, 2023

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Petrol and supermarket prices in the United States continue to rise

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“I pay $ 20 to fill my tank, but I can not fill it anymore, this is slander,” Delia Scott complained at a Washington gas station on Friday, angered by rising prices in the United States.

A few hours ago, the Department of Labor said the year was over Petrol This is an average increase of 6.8%, the largest increase since June 1982.

“It’s so hard! Bread is so expensive, sugar is so expensive, everything is so expensive!”, Laments this unemployed woman in her 50s.

“You have to go to the store and pay seven dollars for a gallon of milk (approximately 4 liters) and then it costs 2.39!” According to her, this is still “slander”, because “because of Govt, people have no money. In addition, he starts working again” and gets paid again.

Earl Walker is approaching with his big black car. The price is going up every day, ”he said. He mentions that sometimes he can’t go to work or “have to borrow money to get there” because the fuel is so high.

According to figures released on Friday, energy sector prices rose the most in a year (33.3%), as in many other countries.

“I can not refill the whole tank. It costs me more than $ 100,” explains Walker, a 40-year-old social worker who complains about rising chicken prices at supermarkets.

A “gradual” rise

Edward Harrison, 47, is shopping at a local one near this service station. Walmart, The giant of American supermarkets.

He admits he goes out less and dives more on the internet in search of deals. However, as of today, he prefers to go directly to the supermarket near his home.

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“Now I have to be very careful,” says this electronics technician, who also uses second-hand products “if needed”.

Last month, prices of new cars rose 11.1% and used cars 31.4%. In October, the increase was even higher.

For those with more resources, the increase in inflation goes more or less unnoticed.

Stephen Gayle, 30, who works for a large energy company, says he only sees it when he receives his bank statements “later”. According to him, the price has risen “gradually”.

The rise in Christmas gifts, for example bicycles, is quite noticeable. “The shops say that the reason is the increase in transport prices.

Next to him, 29-year-old researcher Abby Mitchell, who now compares brands, previously admits, “If I wanted to buy lettuce, I would actually buy lettuce without looking at the price.”

Residents of this major democratic city did not blame President Joe Biden for the inflation, he vowed to change course.

“It’s all because of Govt,” says Stephen Gayle. “The government can’t do much.”

“Biden has done a lot for the people,” says Delia Scott at the gas station, “but politicians can do more.”

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