July 17, 2024

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Pedro will sweep and be the presidential candidate for the historic deal

Pedro will sweep and be the presidential candidate for the historic deal

Senator Gustavo Pedro won a landslide victory with nearly 80% of the vote on the historic Pact Alliance presidential presidency, thus becoming Colombia’s candidate for the left – wing group.

With 45.45% of the vote counted, Pedro won the left-wing vote with more than 1.79 million votes (79.64%), while Francia Marquez, another highly recognized face of the coalition, came in second with 14.72% and 332,000. Votes.

In third place was Camilo Romero with 4.33% and over 97,000 votes, followed by Aurelis Uriana with 0.91% and Alfredo Sade with 0.38%, according to data from the National Register of Elections.

Although more than half of the votes recorded today need to be examined, Pedro’s tendency and the immense advantage he has in capturing his rivals make him unattainable in this consultation, as he will run for the presidency on May 29 as a historic deal. Candidate.

Recent weeks’ polls have not only given Petro a victory in the consultation on the left, but also appointed him head of the race for the House of Narino, which certainly begins this Monday, ending without much surprise.

“Thank you to Colombia for supporting the historic agreement. Change begins today, I love you and I love you so much, ”Pogota’s former mayor Pedro said in his first comment on Twitter as the vote count progressed.

This is the third time that Pedro has aspired to the presidency of Colombia since Juan Manuel Santos won in 2010 and was defeated by current President Evan Duke in the second round in 2018.

During the last legislature, Pedro held a seat in the Senate, where he first approached in 2006, and founded the Colombian Human Political Movement.

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This Sunday, the Colombians elected the new body of the Senate and House of Representatives, as well as the candidates for the presidency of the three central, left and right coalitions, in a kind of primary election..

Citizens of rural areas severely affected by the conflict were able to elect 16 representatives of the victims in the lower house, known as the “Peace Seats.”

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