July 17, 2024

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They were captured by a bomb in Cucuta and trained in Venezuela

They were captured by a bomb in Cucuta and trained in Venezuela
Captured bomb

Evidence close to the investigation carried out by the bombings recorded on December 14 IMediated by Camilo Dasa Airport, Cúcuta, Norte de Santander, and two policemen and a convict were killed.

According to the investigation, the captured three men and two women are going to receive 120 million pesos for terrorist activity, the purpose of which was a civilian aircraft that was on the runway.

The thread of the investigation centered on one of the detainees, who was released from prison in Cúcuta, where he met a member of the dissidents from the 33rd Front, who joined the group to “carry him as a military unit”. The activities of extremists, “the sources said.

Similarly, according to the investigation, at least three of those captured are in Venezuela, where the ‘Jhon Mechas’ camp zone is located, “trained in handling explosives and intelligence operations.”

The relocation to Venezuela is part of an arsenal of evidence that will be presented to authorities at a hearing Tuesday afternoon to legalize the indictment and indictment.


This Tuesday morning, through the Office of the Design and Attorney General, police confirmed that five people had been found and arrested in the Medellin, Jesus, Robleto Miramar and surrounding areas of Brasilia and in the Santa Helena district.

The detainees were transferred to Cúcuta, where the trial will take place before a guaranteed judge. They will be charged with terrorism, brutal murder, attempted murder, as well as the illegal manufacture or smuggling of weapons, ammunition and ammunition.

On the day of the attack, anti-explosion technicians William Barreno Artila and David Reyes Jimenez were killed when, according to the first investigation, the cargo they were about to review was activated by a remote control in a suitcase. System.

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