July 17, 2024

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Xiomara Castro expelled 18 delegates from her party

Xiomara Castro expelled 18 delegates from her party

Luis Retondo was elected President of Congress, but George Gallix remained.

This Friday saw a revolution in Honduras’ political landscape, with elected President Siomaro Castro accusing 18 members of his party of “treason” of ignoring the agreement with the party and electing Jorge Coulis (PSH), a key figure in the Salvador de Honduras (PSH), after electing Jorge Gallix as the new leader of Congress.

Within the plans drawn up by Castro, the presidency of the PSH’s Luis Retondo Congress appeared to be a transcendental movement that increased the chances of capturing a large parliamentary consensus and a ruling majority.

Those branded as “traitors” justified their decision by appointing a member of the Liberal Y Refundezion (Libre) party – the same party that won Castro’s election – with the intention of defending the government.

Through Twitter, the elected president expressed his anger and later confirmed the expulsion of 18 legislators who went against his decision to vote for a member of the PSH as president of Congress.

Disgruntled delegates were reportedly expelled by Castro at an extraordinary meeting of members and members of the Free Party, of which former Honduran president and new president’s husband Manuel Zelaya is still co-ordinating.

He asked the Libre Revolutionary Ethics Court to take appropriate action to complete the file supporting the departure of 18 defendants.

“To date, they have lost their status as active members of our party and are banned from carrying out their activities in the name of Libre,” the president stressed.

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Two lawmakers who voted for Gallix were ‘acquitted’ of their sentence because they withdrew their vote.

In addition, Castro called on Libre members from across Honduras to travel to the capital, Tegucigalpa, this Saturday to hold an awareness campaign from night to Sunday morning to “reject any attempt to overthrow the legislature.”

The promise with the Congress-led BSH arose after its candidate, Salvador Nasrallah, resigned during the election and backed Zelaya’s wife, Siomara Castro, who was ousted in 2009.

Siomaro Castro’s party has lost parliamentary power

However, the figures are not enough for the new head of state’s allies to finalize the deal, and according to Honduran law, the power to appoint or reform chamber directors is required by a majority of them. Repeal the laws.

Liber and its allies retained 60 of the 128 seats up for grabs after the election. 50 of them belong to Libre, but now that number will be reduced to 32.

Nasrallah listed the uprising as “another coup like the one that took place in 2009”, with the illusion that it would lead the PSH chamber against the will of the Hondurans who elected Castro in the election.

Now, this disagreement with its ally may hinder the ruling party’s ability to retain positions in Congress.

On January 27, Castro will assume the presidency of Honduras and give the international community “protection” that “these events, which threaten to unleash an unnecessary crisis in Congress, will not stop the city’s democratic celebration.”

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