October 1, 2023

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Pedro Castillo: What exactly is the prosecutor’s office accusing Peru’s president of and what’s happening now?

  • William D. Olmo
  • BBC News World Correspondent in Peru

image source, Good pictures


Pedro Castillo said the charges were “a new type of conspiracy.”

The Peruvian Prosecutor’s Office, through a constitutional complaint, formally accused President Pedro Castillo of leading a criminal organization within his government.

According to the nation’s Attorney General Patricia Benavides, the investigation has revealed indications that Castillo is the leader of a network responsible for criminal organization, influence peddling and organized crime.

Benavides said it was happening.An outrageous obstruction of justice“From that network, entrenched in the government with the aim of capturing, controlling and directing contractual processes to derive illicit profits”.

President Castillo responded in a press conference with international media that “these accusations have no basis in fact” and that “they are contrived”. He also promised to prove his innocence “A new form of conspiratorial rule has begun in Peru”.