July 15, 2024

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Venezuela’s “Tokyo Areba” in Japan (+ photos)

Venezuela’s “Tokyo Areba” in Japan (+ photos)

Venezuela is married to a Japanese woman and owns the business in an Asian country where they sell an average of 45 to 50 arabes a day.

Ral Marquez became a true symbol of Venezuela’s gastronomy internationally, and he was able to capture the appetite of many Japanese with his elegant Arabs.

Through his business “Tokyo Arepas” which started in July 2021, he gave this traditional Creole dish to speak in Japan, received hundreds of positive comments and became the favorite food of many in the Asian country.

The young man, along with his Japanese wife Miho, has been working since the opening of this food truck.

The two met while studying at the Vancouver English Center in Canada. A year later, Raul, a lawyer who specializes in customs and foreign trade, traveled to the country to formalize the relationship.

With this effort, husbands today can sell an average of 45 to 50 arabes a day, and they are hired at different events.

Miho, on the other hand, is dedicated to serving food, while Raoul is responsible for giving Venezuela Araba its distinctive flavor.

“Our aim is to get to know Venezuela’s gastronomy.

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