December 10, 2023

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San Francisco’s “Cardonazzo” can still be felt today

Caracas.- Today, weather conditions are expected to cause Cardonazo de San Francisco in the middle of the rainy season in Venezuela, which starts at the end of September and usually occurs in the first days of October.

Julia, Los Andes, Western Plains, Central Plains, North Coast Center, Northeast, Delta Amaguro, Amazonas, Bolivar and The National Institute of Materials and Hydrology (INAME) in its daily Twitter report, Julia, Los Andes, Western Plains, Central Plains, Rain is expected in North Coast Center. Essequibo. Rest of the country will be partly cloudy.

Clouds with rain or showers are expected after noon in Julia, Los Andes, North Coast Center, Central and Western Plains, East, Northeast of Falcon, Delta Amaguro, Amazonas and Bolivar.

There is a widespread belief in the country and in Spanish-speaking countries that on October 4, the feast day of St. Francis of Assisi, the sky will be covered with clouds and it will rain. Rains and storms usually occur before or after this date.

It is called the ‘Cardonazo de San Francisco’, and as the day of celebration approaches, the monk prepares himself, shakes the sky with cloudiness, and shakes his robe and the rods that adjust it. Days and heavy rains also mark the beginning of the rainy season.

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