December 11, 2023

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One person has been killed in an attack by a Venezuelan military base on a military base in Colombia

A top military commander has said a soldier was killed and several others were injured when a group of about 200 Venezuelan immigrants attacked a military base in Colombia.

The incident took place on Saturday in the municipality of El Dora on the border with Norde de Santander.

According to Army General Omar Sebulveda, one soldier was killed by an “explosive device” and at least 16 were wounded “as a result of the coup”.

Of the 200 attackers, “approximately 95% are Venezuelan citizens” who were “joined” and “instrumentalized” by former FARC guerrilla opponents, SepĂșlveda said. WRadius This Monday.

The military official added that the settlers intended to “take over the barracks” to “create a settlement there” using “improvised explosive devices, rubber bands, sticks” and “Molotov cocktails”.

SepĂșlveda has blamed the attack on “John McCaw”, a dissident leader who commanded a section of rebels who did not accept the 2016 peace deal and is active in that key region for the production of cocaine, a key component of cocaine.

El Dorado integrates the Guadeloupe area, which is considered by the UN to be the largest medicinal crop in the world (40,084 hectares). Many armed groups deny the income of this illegal business.

The military announced that members of the riot squad would be mobilized in the municipality and local authorities issued a curfew until Tuesday morning.

With a population of 1.8 million, amid diplomatic tensions between Bogot and Caracas, Colombia is the main recipient of Venezuelan immigrants emerging from the economic and social crisis in the war-torn country.

The President of Colombia, Ivan Duque, has accused Nicolas Maduro of providing refuge and protection to guerrillas who impose their law on the troubled border.

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