October 3, 2023

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For a sex secret, the young Skyler is killed by two of his best friends

Young Skyler

Skyler Nice was a 16-year-old girl who lived with her parents in Morgantown, West Virginia. On July 6, 2012, he left his home to spend some time with his friends. Do not come back.

Dave and Mary Nice are the parents of the young Skyler. Local media explained that they worked in the supermarket of the Walmart chain and in the pharmacy for heart disease.

For his part, the teenager attended high school in his city and worked the afternoon at Wendy’s restaurant.

Like any woman at that age, Skyler had two friends, whom she trusted and always had her company: Rachel Schoff and Shelia Eddie. The three remained together until death separated them.

The mysterious murder of a young woman has shocked everyone in Morgantown. The investigation and findings of this case have been documented by the local media, Metro News, The Voice of West Virginia.

Facts: Skyler, the young woman who was murdered by her best friends

On the night of July 6, Skyler came home tired after a long afternoon at work. He simply went to his room and closed the door.

The next day her father Dave came home from work and went looking for the daughter to deliver the car. It was surprising that he was not at home. Her mother Mary forcibly opened the door of her room, but she was not there either.

Amidst the anxiety, the young woman’s parents called her friend Shelia, who said she had talked to him for a few hours but had not heard from the young woman.

A few hours later, Skyler’s friend called her dad and admitted that they had been together with Rachel that night, but had only been out with her for an hour.

The video was taken while Skyler was climbing out of his bedroom window

After a while, Dave and Mary went to the local authorities and showed them security videos of the street where they lived. Cameras captured the young woman going out the window of her room and getting into the white van.

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To her parents, a big question was: “With whom, why did our daughter run away?”

Days go by and still no one knows where that teenager is. The FBI investigation agency joined the state police in the case, but everything remained a mystery.

Shelia and Rachel joined in the search. They expressed their love for their girlfriend on social media, posted photos with her and said how much they miss her.

Rumors circulated at the girls’ school that Skyler was having an affair with an internet sex offender, however the suspicions took a turn when Shelia and Rachel began to behave strangely.

Loose edges

Authorities interrogated the two teenagers, and surprisingly, both had discrepancies in their versions, which is why they began to be considered suspicious.

To clarify the case, the police decided to subject the young women to a polygraph test. Shelia was quiet and cool, but Rachel didn’t even do that.

That day, Rachel panicked and ran away from the car her parents had taken her to take her to the test. Since the death of her friend, she has been behaving aggressively and strangely.

A few minutes later, the girl’s mother called the emergency room, claiming that her daughter was out of control. He beat and shouted at them, and they still could not figure out the reason for his behavior.

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Rachel, in the midst of frustration, decided to go to the authorities and plead guilty. She and Shelia stabbed Skyler because they told authorities they “did not like her and did not want to be friends with her anymore.”

The teenager took investigators to the location where her friend’s body was found. It was a hidden forest on the outskirts of town. According to local media, Metro News, The Voice of West Virginia, the victim had multiple stab wounds.

What really happened to the young Skyler?

Not long ago, three young women gathered for fun at Rachel’s house. That day they drank alcohol and monitored their actions. While intoxicated, Rachel and Shelia had a sexual relationship, which Skyler found.

The young ladies agreed that even if Skyler did something like breaking that promise, it would be a secret between the three of them; He posted on his Twitter account: “I will tell the whole school the ugly (…) I know.”

The three friends started arguing over trivial things, but everything went more than that. Rachel and Shelia became very angry and began to plan a murder.

On July 6, 2012, Skyler received a call from his friends convincing him to go out for a while with marijuana and “do things together”.

Just before midnight, a white Toyota van passed the young woman: it was Shelia and Rachel. They went to a secluded place where they could be quiet to talk.

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When they reached a forest, three teenagers got out of the vehicle to smoke. On the way out, they realized they hadn’t picked up the lighter, so Skyler went to pick it up.

At that moment, two of her friends jumped on her and stabbed her in the various parts of the body with the edges of two knives. It all happened so fast that Skyler had no time to understand why they were doing it, but he was dead.

Is this for a simple drill? It does not seem logical. Skyler was an ardent supporter of the LGBTIQ community so he did not have to be angry with his friends for being in a relationship.

The problem is, Rachel comes from a very conservative and religious family. Also, she was in a romantic relationship with a man, so having sex with a woman would be an absolute slander.

The truth is, for whatever reason, two young women killed their boyfriend. Both have been convicted of murder and are serving prison sentences.

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