June 25, 2024

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Honduras frees Pedro Cordoba after unannounced dollar

Honduras frees Pedro Cordoba after unannounced dollar
EFE-Honduras senator releases Cordoba after being caught unannounced dollars.

Colombian senator-elect Pedro Cordoba was released this Thursday after being detained at an airport in Honduras on Wednesday after attempting to travel to Panama with nearly $ 68,000 in his suitcase, official sources said.

“After investigations and documents submitted to the Ministry of Public Works, (Córdoba) is not in administrative custody in Honduras,” the National Migration Agency (INM) said in a statement.

The 67-year-old Colombian senator “has no travel restrictions, so she has complete freedom to leave the country or stay as she decides,” he added.

Honduras frees Pedro Cordoba

C கோrdoba was temporarily detained at Palmerola International Airport on Wednesday while attempting to board a flight to Panama.

The case was investigated by the Honduran Ministry of Public Works, which had 48 hours to investigate the origin of the money.

Honduran law allows a maximum of $ 10,000 that a person can carry. Until you check its appearance.

Deputy Minister Honduran Security, Julisa Villanueva, assessed the “medical condition and (the) location” of the Cordoba police custody today.

Respect for human rights

“Assess the medical condition, where is former Senator Pedro Cordoba. According to legal procedures, he is in police custody by Honduran police.

According to the Honduran government, the senator “arrived in the country last Sunday to take part in the activities of various women’s and human rights organizations, which spread through the media with photos and videos.” Social media.

In a statement, the executive headquarters in Tegucigalpa pointed out on Tuesday that C கோrdoba had requested an audience with Honduran President Siomaro Castro. “She was received as a friend and political leader with the intention of congratulating her.”

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Respect for migration and immigration regulations

“The Republican government reaffirms its commitment to transparency and respect for migration and immigration regulations,” the Honduran presidency said.

Became known in February at the trial Snail News, A statement from the attorney general’s office of Andres Vasquez, a former adviser to elected Congress.

In it, the man promised that about 15 years ago that policy would “politically capitalize on hostages to the extent of delaying the release of Ingrid Bettencourt and three U.S. contractors.”

The senator was also accused of having links with President Nicolas Maduro’s leader Alex Chap. As some political departments have condemned, with whom he has been detained, with whom he has been able to travel and do business.

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