June 25, 2024

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A Venezuelan woman with her two children has been murdered in Colombia

A Venezuelan woman with her two children has been murdered in Colombia
Victims’ home in Santa Marta, Magdalena Department, Colombia / Photo: Courtesy (La Nacion)

On Tuesday afternoon, May 24, authorities found three lifeless bodies inside a house in the Villa Kansa Sector in Santa Marta, the capital of the Magdalena branch in northeastern Colombia.

Among the victims was a woman identified as 32-year-old Beatrice Lizarro from Venezuela, and her two children, aged eight and five, with stab wounds, according to the Tachirense newspaper La Nación.

Lyzarso’s sister found the bodies. When he found the relative missing and went in search, the bloody bodies lay on the bed.

Santa Marta police are trying to establish whether this unfortunate incident was caused by an emotional affair because the woman had conflicts with her former love partner and stepmother of the children.

Authorities are searching for the mysterious person

The man, identified as Luis Emiro Questa Abadia, a native of Rio Susio (Soko), is wanted in connection with the deaths of a man, woman and child known as “Sokovano”. In fact, the local mayor’s office offered 10 million rewards to anyone who provided information that led to his arrest.

According to the first editions, the three offenses would have been committed by the subject with a kitchen knife. After committing the crime, he fled in an unknown direction. It was revealed that the girl was a teacher.

Several uniformed members of the Metropolitan Police and the Technical Investigation Force (CTI) staff of the Santa Marta Attorney’s Office went to the scene and found the person responsible and established the reasons for the three crimes.

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