April 17, 2024

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Mhoni Vidente warns of catastrophic events in South America for the remainder of March

Mhoni Vidente warns of catastrophic events in South America for the remainder of March

Mhoni Vidente returned to share predictions on his YouTube channel, where he warned of a series of natural disasters in the coming weeks, especially in countries in South America.

“Unfortunately it will take a month, it will be a seismic adjustment strategy, an earthquake is coming in South America, Chile, Ecuador. and completely unleashed the volcanoes”, said Moni Vidente, and after a while, a strong earthquake occurred in Ecuador, so that her prophecy was fulfilled.

Now, several Chilean users who follow him are commenting that they fear this will happen again in their country.

Sir Moni. Cuban astrologer and tarot reader who predicted the start of the apocalypse in 2023.

Moni Vidente’s doomsday predictions

For March, the astrologer and tarot reader, according to his reading of the stars, In this third month of 2023 everyone will have problems. For this reason, many of his followers have displayed alerts.

March is the kabbalistic month of the year to start that revolution with full spiritIt has to be a little more spiritual, which is why March is always Lent or Holy Week”, Moni explained.

He added that it had been a complicated month, particularly with regard to the armed conflicts in Russia and Ukraine. “The Emperor’s letter clearly states that I cannot win the war, but I cannot win.That is the thinking of Russian Emperor Vladimir Putin,” Moni said.

An unrestrained war begins, a power struggle, in Europe, in Asia, war spreads more and more as everyone knows. Almost all over the world, it has affected the economy, it has affected the energy resources, it has affected the whole diet in different places and in different countries, and they already know that they have to stop it or it will lead to World War III. ,” said Moni.

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UFOs and climate catastrophe according to Mhoni Vidente

The astrologer mentioned the climate issue and an “unprecedented” natural disaster that could happen in the coming weeks: “The departure of the North Pole, the completely frozen region will begin to separate,” he explained.

Regarding UFOs, Moni Vidente explained, 2023 “will be at the forefront of sight problems. And things in the universe, sounds from other planets, really strange things that start happening.

In addition, the tarot reader said that “humanity will begin to open its eyes.”

Moni explained the existence of extraterrestrial life, pointing against those who denied the matter in question: “We’re going to realize that we’re not alone, and we’ve never been.”

Earthquakes and earthquakes in Chile.

Other moni vidente predictions for 2023

Before the arrival of 2023, the seer explained: “Something is going to be seen in the sky, it is going to come very close to the earth and it will start moving all the energies, positive and negative.”

In this sense, he explained, it is “a meteorite that has not passed through the planet for more than 5,000 years. In the past it caused changes on Earth.”

According to Moni Vidente, the way to protect yourself from bad energy is to “drink holy water, cut your hair or perform a ritual.”

According to Moni, “the arrival of Uriel (archangel) to the earthly plane will mark the beginning of the apocalypse. Despite moments of tension, wars and conflicts in various countries, this messenger “can. Defeat the devil”.