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Lavrov explains why Russia has now begun security-related talks with NATO and what its objectives are


14 ene 2022 08:19 GMT

The event is being held in mixed format as questions can be asked of the Minister online and in person.

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov held a press conference on Friday on the results of the work of the Russian Foreign Ministry in 2021.

The event is being held in mixed format as questions can be asked of the Minister online and in person.

“Written Answers”

At the beginning of his remarks Lavrov addressed the topic of recent talks between Russia and the West on security guarantees in Europe and said that Moscow expects “written responses” from Washington and NATO.

“We are waiting for the response from our colleagues. Written answers, put on paper, As we did when we presented our proposals. But in the meantime, of course, we will continue to work to ensure that we are ready for any development of events, “the Minister declared, referring to Moscow’s partners.” The Russian Federation will not wait indefinitely.

“In general, if there is a good will, if there is a willingness to compromise, we firmly believe that you can always find. Mutually acceptable solution“, The Chancellor insisted.” If our proposals are rejected, when this happens, if this happens, I will be less pessimistic; We will, of course, assess the situation and report to the president, “Lavrov said.

Because now?

The minister also explained why Moscow has raised the issue of NATO non-expansion in recent months. “Compiled Everything. After the 90s of the last century, promises abounded that NATO would not expand, that NATO would not expand its military infrastructure to the east, and would not send military organizations to the area. Throwing away Our Western spokespersons and partners and NATO are already close to our borders during the five-wave expansion, ”the diplomat explained.

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Lavrov pointed out that previously Poland was the only country that only wanted to join NATO, and now, “The situation has changed dramatically“And the territories intended to join the alliance” are created from a military perspective. “Currently, Russia is trying to reduce military tensions in Europe,” the minister said, while Western nations are “doing the opposite” and increasing their military presence in the Black Sea near Ukraine.

Also, in his statement, the Chancellor interjected. “Absurd ” Y “Without feeling“Western demands on how Russia should conduct its armed forces on its own territory”, “NATO Rapid Reaction Forces and Special Operations Forces near Russian borders over the next two or three months” are demands for increased operations “.

According to Lavrov, the current situation “reflects the moment when the West erupted and chose that path, in defiance of all its obligations to public knowledge.” Sharpen the situation“.

What objectives is Moscow looking for?

During the press conference, the Chancellor responded to a question from Ukrainian journalist Anatoly Shari about the objectives that Moscow is already pursuing when initiating dialogue with the West on security guarantees. His response can be predicted. According to the journalist, there is a version in Ukraine that Russia “openly demanded something big to get another response, it is not in general.”

Lavrov insisted that Moscow “did not try to play any game, as stated in Ukraine, or follow the situation of ‘ask for more, they will give less’.”

“We are very serious. Given the course of the Ukrainian leadership, we will in no way accept the appearance of North Atlantic Alliance troops on our border. Both past and present, unfortunately. It has red lines, In fact, they know it, “he said.

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