December 8, 2023

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Venezuelan motorcycle taxi driver shot five times in Peru after refusing extortion money

Venezuela’s Luis Galindo Carranza is in critical condition. The Mototaxista was shot after Los Titanes dropped off a passenger in Girona. (Photo: César Grados / GEC)

In the early hours of Wednesday, September 21, a Venezuelan motorcycle taxi driver suffered five bullet wounds in the Chorillos district of Peru.

According to police reports published in local media, the incident occurred when Venezuela refused to pay some extortionists a daily quota of 5 feet (over a dollar). Motorcycle taxi drivers in this area need that amount to provide their services.

Venezuelan motorcycle taxi driver shot dead in Peru

The injured man has been identified as Luis Alexander Galindo Carranza, 32, of Venezuela.

A criminal on a linear motorcycle intercepted Galindo Carranza, leaving a passenger behind. The assailant shot the motorcycle taxi driver in the chest and fled. All, according to information shared by news show America Noticeas.

“Immediately, witnesses and residents of the area rushed to the mototaxi, license plate 9884OA, to help the injured person and took him to the nearest hospital. Louis Alexander’s condition is critical, as indicated in the morning,” he said. Journal Mail.

The identity of the attacker is not known.

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